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Created on 2011-07-19 17:51:09 (#922874), last updated 2011-12-29 (298 weeks ago)

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For those who enjoy respectful depictions of relationships that involve a significant age gap. Specifically, this is for fanworks and discussions based on relationships with age gaps, not for advice when in such a relationship or gossip concerning real life celebrities in such relationships. So long as it’s fannish and May/December based, it’s good to go for here.

What Is Allowed:
--Respectful depictions between two or more characters with a notable age in a romantic and/or sexual relationship (I am open to including platonic relationships of this kind as well, if this is requested).
--Fantastical age gaps, such as immortal or otherwise long-lived characters and younger humans/mortals, no matter how old they 'look'. (So something along the lines of Buffy and her relationship with the vampire Angel would be perfectly fine.)
--Both canon and noncanon pairings.

What Is Not Allowed:
--Any sort of -isms or hate speech.
--Sexual relations between a legal minor and a legal adult. This may be based on the laws of the place the characters are located, not the creator's location.
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